Peter Thomas charges Peter Bridge

  1 Peter Thomas Search Warrant for Peter Bridge's residence 23 August 1989

  2 Peter Thomas charges Peter Bridge - later denied under oath

  3 Thomas' charges against Peter Bridge - reported in the Manning River Times, Tuesday 31st July, 1990

       Detective Thomas was being investigated by the Ombudsman......   

                       ".. is it that Detective Thomas has been able to influence (witnesses).." 

  4 Thomas asks for immunity for Shane Golds - not revealed at the Roseanne Catt Trial

  5 Thomas' false statement re Peter Bridge 20 September 1989 

  6 Thomas Record of Interview with Inspector Chapman re Peter Bridge

  7 Thomas Subpoena to give evidence at Peter Bridge Trial 29th May 1995

  8 Julie & Sharon Catt decline to give evidence for DPP in Peter Bridge Trial

9 Thomas' evidence at the Roseanne Catt Inquiry 2003-2004 " I was not at Peter Bridge's trial. "

10 Thomas' evidence at the Peter Bridge Trial

  11 Prosecutor Patrick Power to charge Peter Bridge

12 Thomas approached Shane Golds to change evidence re Peter Bridge Trial

13 Thomas' evidence re Peter Bridge at Roseanne Catt Trial 1991

14 Thomas conspires to fabricate evidence

15 Peter Bridge found Not Guilty to both counts  Judge Solomon 29th May, 1995