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Submissions by Tom Molomby, S.C.

Court of Criminal Appeal 17 August 2005
Letter from NSW Dept of Public Prosecutions
...decision to proceed no further on the above charges
1. The Rock 

10. The evidence of Marie Whalen

2. Swan's Crossing 11. Barry Catt  Barry Catt DUI
3. Eucalyptus Oil and a Cricket Bat  12. Peter Thomas
4. Laced Liquids (1)  13. Adrian Newell
5. Laced Liquids (2)   14. Phone calls during this Hearing
6. Soliciting to Murder - James Morris   15. Overview
7. Soliciting to Murder - Vernon Taylor 16. Corrections & Additions to Submissions
8. Possession of a Weapon   

  9. The Catt Children