At the Roseanne Catt Inquiry 2003 presided over by Justice Tom Davidson the NSW DPP remonstrated that the Victimís Compensation subpoenaed material could not be tendered at the Inquiry.

The DPP said, Roseanne had falsely obtained the material and that the subpoena was misleading. These Victim Compensation documents clearly showed that both Barry Catt andAdrian Newellhad lied in order to obtain, fraudulently, Victimís Compensation monies, $89,000 even though the capping is $50,000. The NSW DPP were aware of this serious fact and blocked the tendering of these documents which had relevance for Count 3, that is, Swanís Crossing, the alleged stabbing.


The following shows that the Victimís Services willingly made available to Roseanne and her legal advisers all relevant documents. They stated that they considered the matter was of public interest and the documentsí content werebon public record. The NSW DPP prevented the documents from being tendered at the Inquiry. These documents clearly reveal Adrian Newell and Barry Catt giving contradictory false Ďevidenceí to evidence that they had given originally on oath in 1991 at Roseanneís trial.


  1. The document dated 21/10/2004 outlines the contents of a phone conversation with John McAteer, solicitor from Victimís Compensation. He states that there were no misconceptions in handing the documents over to the Inquiry.


  1. Whilst still incarcerated Roseanne Catt received a Notice of Provisional Order for Restitution from the Victims Compensation Tribunal asking that she pay back the $89,000 given to Barry Catt. This document is dated 12 May 1998. Roseanne was in the seventh year of her incarceration.


  1. Roseanne made a Statutory Declaration objecting to Barry Catt receiving Victimís Compensation. She still maintained her innocence. This was in 1998.


  1. A one page document reveals that Barry Cattís first application to Victimís Compensation was filed on 22 March 1995. Having studied the application it was determine that the physical injuries of Barry Cat were almost non-existent. His application was rejected.


  1. The Victimís Services wrote to Roseanneís solicitors on 23 May 2003 in answer to the subpoena and clearly stated thatthey were more than willing to make available Barry Cattís application to them. He appealed the first decision and with the help of Adrian Newell and cooperative friends and was awarded $89,000.







  1. The reasons for the first determination of Barry Cattís application were detailed in a five page document headed Reasons for Determination. This documents is dated, on page five, 22 March 1995. The document is very informative.


  1. A three page document entitled APPLICATION FOR LEAVE reveals on the last page that it was the Deputy Director of Prosecutions, now the infamous Dr Patrick Power who suggested to Barry Catt that he apply for victimís compensation and that he get himself new solicitors in order to do so. This document is dated 8 June 1994.


  1. The final document in this small collection is dated 1 June 1995. The Lower North Coast Services. This report is said to have coincided with what came to be known as ĎThe Cricket Bat Incidentí specially named by Peter Thomas as Barry Catt has been arrested on 6 May 1989 for an assault on that day for throwing eucalyptus oil atRoseanne and Tony Catt. It needs to be noted that the police brought Barry Catt back to the hospital on 7 May, 1989. Barry Catt was in custody from Saturday morning 6 May until Monday 8 May 1989. He pleaded guilty to the assaults, was fined and released.